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Individual Services

We Offer:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Estate and Trust Tax Preparation
  • Electronic Tax Filing
  • Bank Financing
  • Charitable Gift Planning
  • Elder Care Planning

Individual Services

Everyone encounters an assortment of challenges over the course of our lives. It’s how we meet those challenges that define our successes or failures. Individuals need the peace of mind that comes from financial stability and sound strategies. The Accounting Offices of Tom Fucito CPA, P.C. offers all of the services you need to manage your personal finances.

Our tax preparation services utilize the most effective practices to ensure you maximize efficiency and minimize your burden. In addition to standard annual tax filing, we also focus on Estate and Trust Tax Preparation, Charitable Gift Giving and Elder Care planning. Whether single or married, we will find the best possible solution for your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure your finances are handled with the utmost care and attention so you can avoid missing valuable opportunities to keep your hard earned income.

In addition to tax services, individuals may require assistance with financing, home mortgages and bank loans. Our offices can work with financial institutions to simplify these complex processes and protect you in the best way possible.

For aging individuals, Retirement Planning and Elder Care Planning are important considerations that can’t be overlooked. We can help you to develop a solid foundation for life after work, so you can enjoy retirement without financial worries. Beginning this process early will allow you more ease and peace of mind as you approach this stage of your life. We do this by developing an understanding of all of your needs and working well with other trusted professionals, such as attorneys and financial planners. It’s truly an individualized service since each of you is also unique.