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Non-Profit Financial Services

We Offer:

  • Budget Preparation and Cash Flow Management
  • Review of Internal Controls, Policies and Procedures
  • Grantor Reporting Requirements
  • Financial Oversight Reporting
  • Organizational Growth Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Preparation

Non-Profit Financial Services

The Accounting Offices of Tom Fucito CPA, P.C. works with Non-Profits on a complete range of necessary services. Non-Profit organizations have a unique set of guidelines for remaining compliant with current standards and operating with efficiency. Our offices keep up-to-date on tax regulations and procedures to ensure your organization retains its status while remaining healthy and functioning.

For new or existing organizations, our offices can help with Budget Preparation, Cash Flow Management, Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation. Our tax services will ensure you abide by relevant tax law and remain compliant as a non-profit organization.

For organizations looking towards the future, our offices also provide Organizational Growth Services designed to put you on a successful course. By crafting a strategy that accounts for your location, size and specific focus, your organization will be prepared for changes or issues it may face.

It is vital for non-profits to create a list of controls, policies and procedures for continued efficiency and compliance. By working with your organization to create a well-structured financial environment, the Accounting Office of Tom Fucito CPA, P.C. can help your organization for years of success.